Digital Detox

The overconsumption of digital devices is a growing issue. Our bodies are not wired to look at screens all day. But cutting out all tech just doesn't seem practical in this modern age. So what compromise is there?

Here's why you need to take a digital detox!

Digital technology has simplified various parts of our lives. From the time we leave home to go to work and come back, we use some form of digital screen. Our phones, work laptops. our watches tracking how many calories we burn.

The pandemic is only adding fuel to all of this, by forcing us to remain indoors as much as we can. We are using social media more than we used to, and are being introduced to newer apps that have addictive frameworks designed to keep us hooked. We are truly never short on entertainment and can keep ourselves entertained without interacting with other people for an extended period of time.

Using technology doesn't come without its negatives.

With tech giants like Tim Cook, Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg publicly acknowledging the powers of their tools to damage your mental well being, it's no surprise to read about countless studies that speak about the darker side of digital tech and the effect it has on our bodies both physical and mental.

Here are a few tips on how you can mitigate your usage of digital tech. We've focused on smartphone usage since it's the most used digital device:

- Do a cleanse for a period of time. You can choose to cut your smartphone usage for a temporary period of time to reduce dopamine consumption and break the repetitive behaviour. You can cut out social media entirely for a week and be reachable on the text and call only.

- Adopt a digital diet plan and be more conscious of how you spend your time online. Most social media apps can indicate how much time you spend on them. Track the minutes you spend and replace a portion of that time with a non-screen activity like reading a book or playing an instrument. Perhaps you like to draw/colour. Try a new hobby and limit your social media usage to 30 mins a day. The screen time feature on Apple's IOS is an easy option that stops you from using certain apps.

You can check out Google’s digital wellbeing app for a more in-depth look at your phone usage.

- You can switch your sim out for a less techy phone. This will really help you fight off the urge to tap on apps if your phone can't download them in the first place. Generally, these phones are not connected to the internet and are quite basic in their features.

- Try going Gray. Weakening the visual appeal of social media can reduce your interest. Gray-scale is a great feature to get you disinterested in that never-ending scroll.

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