Tips for Better Data Privacy

Ensuring that your information online is private can be a stressful process. Here's a few tips on how you can be more secure and ensure that your information is better protected!

1. Make sure you know what your social media privacy settings are:

- It only takes a few minutes to review your settings on the social media apps you use. For instance, on Facebook, changing who can see your information is a great step to securing what strangers know about you. A simple google search can tell you how to change your privacy settings on social media apps.

2. Make sure you don't use public storage for private information:

- General rule of thumb is not to store extremely private information on platforms that can be publicly accessed. Dropbox has been hacked in the past, ensure that what you are sharing is stored in an encrypted archive.

3. Google incognito isn’t that incognito after all

- Learn about different private browsing apps if you don't want marketers to profile you.

4. Change notification settings

- There is no point in having a passcode if anyone can read your messages from the lock screen. Change the setting to make the notification private.

5. Public Wi-fi networks are not safe

- Most often, Public Wi-Fi networks to not encrypt traffic. That means anyone on the same network you are on can try and snoop your traffic. Any sensitive data can be spied on!