1). A few statements about hate speech are given below. Check all that are true.

  • a. There is a universally accepted definition for hate speech
  • b. Criticizing a religion amounts to hate speech
  • c. Hate speech on Facebook and Twitter catalyzed the Rwandan Genocide
  • d. Fighting Hate speech does not imply limiting freedom of expression

2). Which of these are considered a ‘protected characteristic’ according to Facebook’s community standards?

  • a. Religious affiliation
  • b. Caste
  • c. Ethnicity
  • d. Gender
  • e. All of the above

3). Which of these is a marker of misinformation?

  • a. Triggering emotions like fear
  • b. Presenting opinions as fact
  • c. Constant repetition
  • d. All of the above

4). I believe that my security online can affect my security offline?

  • a. Yes
  • b. No

5). Which of these will compromise your security online?

  • a. Your precise location
  • b. Videos of your friends that you took without permission
  • c. Personal bank details
  • d. Your disagreements with current political developments
  • e. All of the above

6). What is clickbait?

  • a. Stories that are created in a way that might compromise truth and clarity to get viewer attention and draws them to click
  • b. When you accidentally click on a wrong link
  • c. Hate speech narratives that go viral
  • d. Funny online memes that ask you to click on it so it expands

7). Hate speech is

  • a. Speech that’s offensive to your beliefs
  • b. Speech that attacks someone based on their identity
  • c. Speech that is angry
  • d. Pornography
  • e. All of the above

8). Hate speech is only based on religion.

  • a. True
  • b. False

9). Those affected by online abuse usually

  • a. seek media attention and publicity to raise awareness of the issue.
  • b. feel that they are less likely than victims of other crimes to be victimized again.
  • c. are not particularly traumatized if it is not sexual.
  • d. are more likely to need counselling and mental health support


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