OIC unlawfully demands an end to Christian worship activities

August 07, 2018 

The pastor, along with 02 other pastors and a lawyer met with the Officer-in-Charge (OIC) of the Dikwella Police Station at approximately 10 a.m. for an inquiry. 06 Buddhist monks, including the principal of a local school, were also present. The OIC admonished the pastor for conducting Christian worship activities in what he claimed was a “Buddhist village”, stating he has no right to do so and told the pastor to conduct his religious worship activities elsewhere. The Buddhist monks reiterated the position of the OIC, stating that they will not allow Christian activities to continue in a “Buddhist village.” The OIC then attempted to refer the matter to a mediation board but the pastor’s lawyer insisted the matter be referred to the Matara Magistrates Court. Moreover, the OIC attempted to compel the pastor to sign a statement affirming that he would stop his religious activities in the village. The pastor, however, refused to comply. The OIC then said he would file a case in the Magistrates Court on the 12th of September; however, the case was never filed.