Officer-in-Charge unlawfully demands an end to Christian worship activities

April 29, 2018 

Both parties arrived at the Padukka Police Station at around 10 a.m. to meet with the Officer-in-Charge (OIC). The pastor’s wife and the owner of the premises represented the Christians at the inquiry; 02 Buddhist monks, the Chairman of the local Buddhist Society, and the Chairman of the kovil represented the others. The OIC demanded that the Christians stop their religious worship activities immediately and told the others to file complaint against the Christians if they continued. He also scolded the pastor’s wife in derogatory language and refused to accept a complaint regarding the assault on the owner of the premises. He instructed the pastor’s wife to be present at the Padukka Police Station on the 01st of May for questioning (the pastor was overseas at the time of the incident). Later, the owner of the premises who was assaulted managed to lodge an official complaint numbered CIB 2 116/235.