False allegations levelled against Muslim girl by popular commercial establishment

January 01, 2018 

According to a report in the Navamani newspaper on the 03rd of January 2018, Muslims in Beruwela had staged a boycott of the Keells Super outlet in the area following fraudulent allegations of robbery levelled against a Muslim girl in a niqab. As the girl and her brother were leaving the supermarket after paying their bill, they were stopped by a security guard who demanded to search the girl, purportedly based on a complaint received from another customer. The girl and her brother denied the accusation. However, without first checking the CCTV footage, a female security guard was instructed to remove the girl’s niqab and examine her person. The police were also arrived in case any arrests were required.

 After the examination, the female security guard found that the girl was indeed innocent. Some days later, the manager of the Beruwala Keells Super, who was not present during the incident, contacted the girl and her family and issued an apology