Christian arrested on false allegations

January 29, 2019 

At approximately 6:30 p.m., the Christian received a phone call from a friend claiming that a group of people from the village had been making their way to his home to assault him, in retaliation for the complaint lodged against them. His friend had intercepted the group and a fight had broken out. One of the villagers had been injured and was hospitalised.

 The Christian decided to report the incident to the police and arrived at the Marawila Police Station at around 8 p.m. to lodge a complaint about the threat to his life (C1 286/29). The police then informed him that a complaint had already been filed against him by the individual who had been hospitalised, falsely claiming that the Christian had assaulted him. He was then taken into remand custody,

The following day, at approximately 02:30 p.m., the Christian was taken to the Marawila Magistrate’s Court and released on an LKR 100,000 surety bail. Villagers who oppose his worship activities continue to issue threats and intimidate him.